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Endodontics plainly means "treatment within the tooth" (Endo means within, dontic refers to the tooth). It usually refers to dentistry, which is performed on the canal system of the tooth. A root canal is a narrow passage in a root through which the nerves and blood vessels enter the tooth. There is a lot more to Endodontics than just root canal treatment, although this does make up the bulk of endodontic work.
What is an endodontist?
An endodontist is a dentist who is a specialist in the treatment of endodontic or root canal problems.
When is root canal treatment performed?

When the nerve and blood vessels within the root canal system is irreversibly damaged it becomes very painful (known as "pulpitis"). The pain may reduce with time but will only be alleviated by removing the nerve during root canal treatment.

How can I know if I have a root canal problem?
  • Teeth with root canal problems are painful.
  • Infected nerves and blood vessels create gases that build up inside the tooth, which can be painful.
  • The tooth can be sensitive to temperature changes, especially hot liquids.
  • The tooth can be sensitive on chewing.
How is root canal treatment performed?
  • The first step is to open the pulp chamber by drilling into the tooth to allow access to the root canals.
  • If the infection is severe and there is pus in the pulp chamber and in the root canals, this can drain out.
  • Once the infection has been relieved, the remains of the nerve and blood supply are cleaned away.
  • The pulp chamber and root canal are reshaped and cleaned out.
  • The debris is washed out using medicated solutions
  • The now empty cavity are filled and sealed with special materials
Is root canal treatment painful?
  • A local anaesthetic is used so treatment is generally not painful.
  • Pain relievers can be used, if the anaesthetic wears off,